Alongside her graphic design career, Sophie brookes is also a practising Mixed media artist and set decor assistant.

DIGITAl Collage

Where I Rest My Head

‘Where I Rest My Head’

Nov, 2019


This piece reflects the psychological damage caused by trauma. It depicts the isolation and distress a mental health disorder constructs, specifically PTSD.


It resides in the everyday mind and thrives in the place called home. Worn as rags masking the gown once cherished; it wanes the self, the host, the security of being – discomfort zone becomes imminent.

digital collage and photo editing.

Painting & collage


Surrealist and abstract painting and collage.


3d sculptures exhibited at guerilla zoo 'modern panic' exhibition.


set building / SET DRESSING


hands-on set building and decor assisting for events such as glastonbury festival, ikea product launch and more. Below are examples of projects sophie has assisted on.